Romana Prochazkova
Midlife Transitions
with Dignity & Grace
Executive Coach & Consultant

What's NEXT:
helping you define further career steps to find more purpose at work
Did you choose your dream career
or are you still chasing it?
What is your definition of success?
Life is good, but it could be better! And it’s not over yet. Are you doubting your choices and ambitions?
It gets lonely at the top!
Who challenges you?
There are no easy answers to What's NEXT?
Don't feel satisfaction?
You have a dream job. With all your achievements you should be thriving. But you are not, are you? Do you feel guilty wanting more?
Don't have time?
Are you overwhelmed working long hours, with limited time to sort your thoughts? Make life and relationships priority.
Bored or stuck?
Are you feeling bored or stuck, wanting to accomplish more, but have no idea how to achieve it? It’s hard to find answer What’s NEXT, but you haven’t given up yet.
It’s not too late to take stock.
You get a partner who gives you different perspective when you feel lonely in your leadership role. When you can’t see the wood for the trees. Pushing ahead and lacking further energy.
Someone to tell you what you don’t see facing transition period in your career. Because being successful is not enough.
I’m not your average Executive Coach, I’m an accountability partner to help keep you aligned with yourself, not just balance work and family. I can promise, looking back you’ll see the change was not so much of a risk after all.
Let’s talk if you want
Clarity about your next career steps
Freedom to choose where you put your energy
Time for yourself and family
Courage to see new opportunities without fear of losing your lifestyle
Purpose and SATISFACTION at work

Set of beliefs

I have a set of foundational beliefs that I hold myself to with every client interaction:

Real connection
Business can feel like a transaction, investments are measured, people treated like numbers, mission is lost. Having seen that first hand, real connection is the most important part of my practice.
Simple solutions
This is an exciting part of what we will do together, introducing simple solutions and techniques that are sustainable in the long-term. I balance the approach of coaching principles and leadership strategies.
Communication is a two-way street, it requires both parties to be open and honest. With trust as the strongest foundation, I’ll become you advocate, always at your side, finding ways to empower the best person you can be.
Change of mindset
I want everyone I engage with to understand that the path to change comes with significant mindset shift and accountability to take action.

Let's work together

What’s NEXT step in your career? I’ll help you find the answer and make it happen.

Usual ways to work with me
Ask Me Anything Intensive 1 session Only
Refuel Your Energy in 6 weeks
Road Trip towards What’s NEXT for 6 months

This is how our collaboration will look

Radical Clarity
“What would you like to achieve for yourself?!”
“Looking at your life, when do you feel most alive, successful, satisfied?”

What if I told you that by not knowing where you are going you can never get there. BUT to know you will need energy. We start with the assessment of what gives, or drains you of energy, looking at your life as a system. Managing your emotional stability you’ll see what drives you in life and at work.
ReFuel Your Energy
“What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?”
“What is getting in the way of living the life you want?”

We will look at the beliefs that no longer serve you and uncover the patterns shaping your behaviour. Because what got you here, won’t get you there. Your daily life will begin to change. I’ll walk you through a structured framework to break the old and develop new habits.
Draw Your Map
“What are you not ready to do just yet? “
“What could you do in the meantime?”

You can redefine how success on your own terms looks like. Feeling aligned, energized and fulfilled. Having courage means being afraid and doing it anyway. The first major changes  will happen outside of our session. In time and space you finally have.
Hit the Road
“What are you going to commit fully in the short-term?”
“Who is going to be influenced by the changes you make?”

You are way past the crossroads, having clarity about your next direction. This has been a great journey.

I believe in you!
Have any questions on me?
Hi, I’m Romana!

I have spent my career supporting leaders and changing dreams into success for more than 10 years. I have worked with more than 1000+ employees and 100+ executives during my HR career and working as HR Business Partner for a major Automotive Brand. I started seeing what’s under the surface. What people already knew but didn’t see. Giving them clarity about their work decisions.

And you should know before reading any further that you can get the information you need to manage the highs and lows of work changes from podcasts, books or talking with friends. Seeing others coping with career changes. And that can help you avoid self-doubt for a short period.

But it’s close to imposible to find an article that deconstructs your work patterns, understands your “I can’t” triggers and offers support when you need to decide what to do next in your life. If you are like me, you want to make smart changes with the help of a real partner, who navigates with gentle nudges and friendly challenges. Using YOUR wisdom and abundance that comes with age and experience, finally for your own benefit.

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